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September 26, 2017

Archives for December 2011

A Modern Interpretation Of The Mangusta

by Mike - Designer and illustrator Maxime de Keiser has created this modern interpretation of Giorgetto Giugiaro's 1960s masterpiece, the De Tomaso Mangusta. I think it is fine to pay respect to a master by interpreting his work. It is, of … [Read more...]

Power Steering For The Iso Grifo

by Mike - Last year I decided that I wanted power steering on the Iso Grifo because my driveway is very tight and what should be a three point turn around was a nine point turn around in the Grifo. I contacted a Dutch company, EZ … [Read more...]

Classic Car Auctions In Arizona – Part 1

by Mike - Every January Arizona becomes the center of the collector car world, for a weekend at least, as many of the top auction companies in the US gather to sell their best cars. Here are my favorites at RM Auctions on January 19 and 20, … [Read more...]

Classic Car Iconic Icons

by Mike - The word icon has become very popular in the classic car world especially by anyone selling a car or writing a classic car auction catalog. When a word is used too much it can lose its meaning and its power. This has happened to … [Read more...]

A Few Days Off

by Mike- I am taking a few days off from My Car Quest. I hope you all have a happy holiday season. Click Here To Subscribe to My Car Quest by Email … [Read more...]

There Is A Lesson Here

by Mike - Two lessons actually - do not be rude to little old ladies and have the air bags checked.   Click Here To Subscribe to My Car Quest by Email … [Read more...]

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