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September 21, 2017

Iso Grifo For Sale – Series 2 With A Ford Engine

by Mike –

This car is in Belgium and the seller writes*:

* Iso Rivolta Grifo with only 49,000 km from new. 129,000 euro export price ($170,250)

Iso Grifo

* With the very rare 7 liter bonnet (original)

Iso Grifo

* 2 Owners

* Inox exhaust

Iso Grifo

* Perfect original interior

Iso Grifo

* Perfect Chromes

* Perfect Paint (8 years old) but stay in a museum for the last 8 years

The word “perfect” is used a lot. The seller also did not mention that this car has an automatic transmission and a Ford engine.

The steering wheel is not original, you can see the Nardi logo on the horn button. I like the blue interior.

Iso Grifo

Iso used Ford engines at the end of the Iso Grifo life. More photos of this Iso Grifo are here.

Iso Grifo Why is there a Porsche logo on the gas tank filler lid?

The sellers email address is:

Thanks to Phil and Myron who both sent this link to me.

Here is another Iso Grifo for sale.

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  1. trayraynor says:

    Hi Mike,

    The price seems almost too good to be true. But its got me thinking… do you know any of the history of this car? Do you think its worth considering a purchase?

    Thanks, Ray

    • Ray,

      My guess is that this is chassis no. 411 made in Nov. 1973. I think this car is worth considering. When you compare it to the red one on eBay for $140,000 that needs everything this looks like a good deal. But the devil is in the details.

      Like – what happened to the steering wheel and what else may be wrong with the car?

      Maybe another reader can add some knowledge about this car?

  2. Pierre B says:

    Mike, this car is #410.

    made October 8, 1973, and sold in Italy.

  3. Grifo4me says:

    I was looking for a Grifo with a Porsche logo, I’m in luck. There is suppose to be a chrome key lock where the Porsche logo is. This car also has series one rims which is odd considering it’s well inside the series two build.

    412 is the only car near 410 that has series one rims. 412 was brought back to the factory and repaired, even to the extent of using a whole different interior and trim pieces.

    410 was close to the end, so maybe it was built with a few left over parts too, it would be interesting to see the part number stampings on the trim.

    • What about the Nardi steering wheel that is on the chassis number list as being on 411?

      • Grifo4me says:

        Typo by Chis? or maybe they ran out of steering wheels. I guess it’s possible both 410 and 411 have Nardi’s

        Would be interesting to check out 412 at Quail to see what it has, but then again 412 had a whole different cars interior, so it doesn’t follow any rules

        • #411 has a black leather-rim wheel with a horn button that looks like it might be a Nardi, but my photos are not clear enough. It could easily be a Ferrero wheel, as it closely resembles the (original) one that was in my late Fidia #179/D. Grifo #403 has a similar-looking one. Buddy Pepp’s #406, also #408 have steering wheels very like it, but with slots in the spokes, which I think are by Nardi.
          #381, #404 (NY Show, Borranis) #410 and #412 are all Ford Grifos with centre-lock wheels, rather than bolt on.
          It’s risky to be too dogmatic about what is and isn’t correct on Isos, especially late ones!

        • I forgot to say that #410’s steering wheel ceratinly looks like a modern replacement Nardi – I doubt it’s original to the car.

        • Chris – thanks for all this data. Would Iso have left the Nardi logo on the center of the steering wheel?

          The steering wheel in 410 does look like one of the newer Nardi wheels with Nardi’s signature etched on one of the spokes.

  4. I believe I have seen Isos with the ND (Nardi Danese) logo on the horn push, but they are late ones.

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