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February 18, 2018

Monterey Car Week – Day Five, The Quail – Part 1

by Mike –

Today was the long anticipated event, The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering where Iso was a featured marque.

Piero Rivolta was a guest of honor and there were 27 Iso cars on the field. I believe this is the largest gathering of Iso cars ever. If anyone knows of a larger gathering of Iso cars please let me know.

Iso at The Quail

My Bizzarini won first in class for the Bizzarrini class

Bizzarrini at The Quail

Iso Grifo No. 009 won first in class for the Iso class

I have been following the restoration of this car for many months and it was a very tight schedule for the restoration to be finished in time for this event.

Charley Potts and Iso Grifo No. 009

Charley Potts and Iso Grifo No. 009

More on this event later.

Here are a few pictures in the slide show below.

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