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March 20, 2019

The Original Batmobile – Wow What A Price!!

by Mike –

My scale for the Batmobile price survey was way off – but then again the buyer may be way off too.

Batman and Robin

The sales price was $4.2 million!

I still say what are you going to do with the Batmobile – especially one that costs $4.2 million?

Batmobile number one

Batman pow

Stay tuned for future episodes to find out what our new hero does with the $4.2 million Batmobile!

Batmobile number one

Congratulations to George Barris!

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  1. http://georgeg20 says

    Yep, I was off…

  2. http://georgeg20 says

    Well, Mike you did have the “over $500,000” category 🙂

    • http://Mike says

      Thank you for trying to make me feel better but “over $500K” and $4.2 million are not in the same ballpark!

      I had no clue – my guess was in the $300K range. I believe this was not a good investment and was bought for other reasons by someone who does not care about $4.2 million.

  3. http://georgeg20 says

    I side with you on the value of the investment which is “none”. This was bought more as a novelty, art, Hollywood memorabilia or a combination of all. Viewing this as a car investment is not even close to justifying the final bid. Did the auction disclose the buyer?

    • http://Mike says

      I saw the buyer on TV but I did not catch his name – but someone must know it was on Speed Channel.

      And from what I could tell there were two bidders who decided to flip a coin after the bidding went crazy to see who would be the buyer.

  4. http://georgeg20 says

    Perhaps proxies for museums or movie memorabilia collectors

  5. http://georgeg20 says

    Intersting about the coin. So there were TWO people who didn’t care for $4.2 million.

    • http://Mike says

      Yes, two people who were willing to pay $4.2 million but I guess they decided that Mr. Barris and Mr. Jackson should not get any more.

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