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June 25, 2018

Two Classic Cars Featured On My Car Quest Have Been Sold To Readers

by Mike –

This Iso Grifo, Series 2 has been sold to a My Car Quest reader in Hong Kong. I am sorry to see it leave California but I am happy for the seller who is a friend and the buyer who is getting a terrific Grifo. It is going to a collector with some very nice cars both in Hong Kong and the UK.

This Iso Grifo was listed exclusively for weeks on another site and it did not sell. It sold a few days after the My Car Quest article was published to a regular reader of My Car Quest.

Iso Grifo for sale

This De Tomaso Mangusta sold to a My Car Quest reader in Switzerland from a dealer in St. Louis.

Here it is below in the shipping container on the way to Switzerland.

De Tomaso Mangusta being shipped

Congratulations to both buyers and sellers!

I hope to have more photos after both cars arrive at their new homes.

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  1. De Tomaso Mangusta very nice car true italian but unfortunately i have never drive in anyone, 🙁

    Iso no comment one of the best car ever built.

  2. georgeg20 says:

    Mike, shouldn’t the Mangusta buyer have received the car already? Just curious as to his experience.

    • t can take some time to cross the ocean on a boat. The new owner promised he would send photos when the car arrives. He sent the photo of the car in the shipping container. I am sure he is just as eager as we are for this Mangusta to arrive. I think the last I heard it was in Europe but not yet at his home.

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