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June 24, 2018

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Concorso Ferrari 2013 On Colorado Boulevard In Pasadena

by Mike - My friend Bruce Caron sent in these, and many more photos, from the recent Concorso Ferrari 2013 on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California. This is the same Colorado Boulevard made famous by Jan and Dean in their hit song “The … [Read more...]

Moal Coachbuilders

[Read more...]

Are Fake Cars A Big Problem In The Classic Car World?

by Mike - When a classic car model reaches a value level where creating a fake car can be profitable then dishonest people may take dishonest action by passing off a fake as a real car. Shelby GT350 It is easy to buy a 1965 or 1966 … [Read more...]

American Motors and Bizzarrini Team Up On The AMX/3

by Mike - In 1969 American Motors Corporation (AMC) was a distant fourth in automobile production in the United States and wanted to do something dramatic to try and change the outlook of their business. They introduced the AMX/3 mid-engine … [Read more...]

An Unrestored 1952 Iso 125 Scooter

by Mike - Before the Isetta, the Iso Rivolta GT or the Iso Grifo - Iso was a large manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles because Renzo Rivolta recognized the need for low cost transportation in post World War II Italy. Flavio Campetti was … [Read more...]

Membership Has It’s Privileges

The small My Car Quest Membership fee is only $2.99 US per month (less than 10 cents US a day) and less than the cost of one cup of coffee at Starbucks per month. For this small fee you get full access to all of the Premium Articles and you get … [Read more...]

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