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August 20, 2019

Racing An Iso Rivolta GT And A Bizzarrini GT America At Laguna Seca

by Mike –

Driving a race car can be a blast but it is also very difficult. I admire people like Pete Whitehead who I believe races the only Iso Rivolta GT on the West Coast of the US and Chip Fudge who races his very valuable Bizzarrini GT America and hauls it all the way from Oklahoma to do so!

Iso Rivolta GT race car

Pete Whitehead racing his Iso Rivolta GT at Laguna Seca

I am sure if you look at the slide show below you will see Pete pass a Shelby GT350. Pete’s Iso Rivolta GT is always in a class with lighter cars because there are not many racers who race a car like his. Other racers would prefer the Cobras, Shelby Mustangs or Corvettes. Not Pete he likes the challenge and I think the status that comes with having the only car of its breed on the race track.

Bizzarrini GT America race car

Chip Fudge racing his Bizzarrini GT America at Laguna Seca

Chip Fudge had an “incident” recently at the Sonoma Historic Races but he is back with his Bizzarrini repaired and racing hard again at Laguna Seca.

See much more in the two slide shows below.

My thanks to Mike Clarke for supplying all of these photos.

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