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August 21, 2019

This Bizzarrini Race Car Is For Sale Again

by Mike –

This Bizzarrini race car just sold at the Russo and Steel auction in Monterey in August 2013. It apparently was bought by a dealer who now has it listed for sale on Hemmings.

Bizzarrini race car

1971 Bizzarrini 128 Sport Barchetta

I wonder why a dealer believes that he can sell this car at a higher price that he paid at auction? Especially when the auction fees and transportation costs are considered. Maybe he knows something the other auction attendees didn’t know. Certainly he may be able to reach that niche buyer for a Bizzarrini race car where the auction company did not.

I know many dealers buy some of their cars at auctions but it is still a puzzle to me.

Bizzarrini race car

1971 Bizzarrini 128 Sport Barchetta

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1971 Bizzarrini 128 Sport Barchetta


  1. Hmmmm.
    From what I have heard of the ‘big’ auctions, there is so much ego in play, maybe someone bought it because he ‘just had to buy something’ and the next day was wondering; WTF have I done?
    Now he has gone to see a dealer and put it up for an on consignment sale?
    Could be a bargain to be had!

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