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June 24, 2018

Archives for October 2013

The Bizzarrini Sciabola – A Dream

by Mike - After American Motors dropped the AMX/3 development Giotto Bizzarrini wanted to turn this special super car design into a real product bearing the Bizzarrini badge. Sciabola is an Italian word meaning saber in English. This was the … [Read more...]

The Ferrari Breadvan – The Fake And The Real

by Mike - The more you look at the Ferrari Breadvan the better it looks. Here is "Gabriele Spangenberg" (Gaby) driving the real Ferrari Breadvan on a race track! What a lucky lady - but we make our own luck, right? I was able to … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With These Photos?

by Mike - Searching my photo archives today I found a few photos that needed more explanation. For some I have an explanation but for others I do not. Above is an Iso Rivolta GT with a custom front. It has the hood and nose design usually … [Read more...]

Is The Spyker A Future Collectable Classic Car?

by Mike - Spyker has struggled financially in recent years but what car company has not? I hope they are able to survive because I think they make some really unique and cool cars. I test drove the first model many years ago, the C8 Spider, … [Read more...]

The Ferrari Drogo Navarro Special NART Was Originally A 330 GT 2+2

by Mike - I thought you might like to see what the GoldenCar looked like before night club owner, Norbert Navarro, commissioned a complete re-body of his Ferrari 330GT 2+2 to the form we see here today (thanks to Chris L. for the background on … [Read more...]

Ferrari Drogo GoldenCar Navarro Special NART

by Mike - The Concorso Italiano sign on the windshield simply said 1964 Ferrari Drogo but the badges all over the car said something else as did the body style. There was a badge that said GoldenCar, another said Navarro Special, yet … [Read more...]

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