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June 24, 2018

Archives for November 2013

This Swedish Kit Car Looks Just Like A Ferrari!

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I Met David Brin Once On The Telephone

by Mike - When I spoke to David Brin on the telephone I did not know he was destined to be an award winning science fiction writer who would win all (I think) of the awards one can win as a science fiction writer. Many years later one of his … [Read more...]

The Rometsch Beeskow Sports Cabriolet

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We Had The Only Band In The Pits – Brief Memories Of Nassau Speed Weeks

by Mike - Ken Phillips is a friend and the original owner of my Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada (chassis No. 0256). He has been involved with fast cars and motorcycles all his life. Below, through a series of emails, he shared with me some of his … [Read more...]

I Have Never Heard Of The Sabra Sport Before – Have You?

by Mike - This sports car demonstrates why talented car designers have always been in demand. The body style can make the difference between success and, not success in building a car. It is not the only factor but it certainly helps. The … [Read more...]

The Carrera Panamericana (1950-54) DVD – For Sale

Advertisement The Carrera Panamericana (1950-54) DVD This is a documentary DVD of the very exciting Mexican road race of the early 1950s that was known as the most dangerous race in the world. Excellent and very exciting video footage from … [Read more...]

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