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May 27, 2018

A DeTomaso Mangusta Sold For Big Bucks

by Michael Gulett –

Yesterday at the Auctions America auction in Burbank, California a De Tomaso Mangusta sold for $195,000 hammer price. Add the 10% buyers commission and the total is $214,500.

This is the highest price in the US that I have heard of for a Mangusta.

1969 DeTomaso Mangusta

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The hammer price went well beyond the estimate range of $100,000 – $150,000. There were two bidders who really wanted this Mangusta.

Auctions America said,

The Mangusta being offered is one of the only 150 examples built for the European market. It has been with one Southern Californian since 1985 who purchased the vehicle in Germany. At the time of purchase, the car was white, but it was found that the car was originally blue. Soon after the discovery, the vehicle was repainted in its factory original color of Blue Metallic. After 45 years, this car still remains extremely original. Even the tires are reportedly original to the car. This example has a Ford 289 V-8 engine that only has about 100 miles on the freshly rebuilt unit and is ready for many more years of enjoyment.


Please note this car was over-described in the catalogue and its cosmetic condition warrants closer inspection should potential buyers be interested please contact an Auctions America Specialist for further information. Windshield was cracked in transport seller will fix for the buyer.

The auctioneer announced the Mangusta had a cracked windshield caused during shipping and the seller would have that corrected. Auctions America did not explain what they meant in the Addendum by “this car was over-described in the catalogue”. The catalog actually did not have much information about the car.

De Tomaso Mangusta For Sale

De Tomaso Mangusta For Sale

De Tomaso Mangusta For Sale

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A DeTomaso Mangusta Sold For Big Bucks
Article Name
A DeTomaso Mangusta Sold For Big Bucks
A European spec De Tomaso Mangusta sold at auction in California yesterday for $214,500.


  1. mark nolan v1twn ltd says:

    to be honest, magusta where making more money than that 25 years ago in uk and europe.
    i sold several, some mint some just old cars and they always made very top money with me.

    cars always sold with the saying..

    in natural life…mangusta eats cobra

    mark nolan

  2. Georgeg20 says:

    The description “extremely original” carries the same connotation as “extremely pregnant”. Either it is or it isn’t. Looks like the Mangusta carried on the fine Italian tradition of leaving the outer rear view mirrors off the car and up to the dealer in terms of style send placement on the vehicle. The Vitaloni mirrors on the car are not period correct but I doubt that the mirrors were the cause of “over description”.

  3. Undervalued for a log time the Mangusta shakes off the Pantera ball and chain and shoots upward .. it’s about time!
    One of Giugiaro’s best IMO

  4. From what I have read about De Tomaso, the paint “problem” was an astonishingly common occurrence. The cars would be painted one color at the factory, but then Mr. De Tomaso would get an order from a customer requesting a specific color. Instead of painting a new car the customer’s color, with idle production lines a common thing, he would just simply take an existing car out of stock and re-spray it the color the customer requested. This not only happened with Mangustas, but also with Panteras on a regular basis. The new customers would eventually discover from overspray and other remnants, that their new car was originally a different color. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

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