My Car Quest

August 23, 2019

A Night To Remember

by Michael Gulett - This post has nothing to do with classic cars, which is not normal for me. But we live in abnormal times now. After the events of today here in the USA I thought of these three songs, among other thoughts. Listen to … [Read more...]

Policy Update

by Mike - This is a notice that the My Car Quest Disclosure, Privacy Policies, Comment Rules And Disclaimer have been modified as of today. The changes are the addition of Comment Rules and a Disclaimer. … [Read more...]

A Better Way To Comment On My Car Quest

by Mike - I receive emails from many of you that I think would be interesting Comments for all to read. After looking into the software that controls the Comments on My Car Quest I discovered a feature that allows for Comments without logging … [Read more...]

Why Pay For Content?

by Mike - Every time you have bought a newspaper, a book, a magazine, gone to a movie, attended a concert, bought music (either a vinyl album, a CD or from iTunes) or paid your cable bill - you have been paying for content. We all do it otherwise … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Out On The Good Stuff On My Car Quest

by Mike - If you see this message in the box below in an article, it means you are trying to read a Premium Article and have not yet become a Member of My Car Quest. Click on the $2.99 blue tag above to sign up for the My Car Quest … [Read more...]

Huge Price Reduction! – Campagnolo Magnesium Wheels – Originally On An Iso Lele

Advertisement   The price per wheel is now 700 pounds sterling reduced from 850 pounds sterling. The buyer is responsible for shipping and any shipping insurance. These Series 2 Iso wheels are in very good condition but they do need to be … [Read more...]