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April 23, 2014

The Meaning, Or Lack Of Meaning, Of “Concours Condition”

Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada for sale

by Mike - My latest gripe about the way collector cars are described by some sellers is the over use of the word "concours" and sometimes "Pebble Beach quality". The definition of "concours" From the Dictionary, an exhibition or … [Read more...]

The Lance Reventlow Scarab Race Team Had Two Transporters, I Think

Scarab Transporter

by Mike - The transporter below was sold at auction in Monterey in August 2012 by RM for $990,000. My friend, Ron Kellogg, started me thinking about this transporter and its history. The RM catalog description said, Italy’s Fiat, like … [Read more...]

Patina – The Video

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

by Mike - As I have written before - “patina” is an over used and abused concept designed to sell classic cars at a higher price than they would otherwise command. Don't fall for the tricks of the sellers who try to convince a buyer that dirt … [Read more...]

Coys Comments On Their Iso Grifo Problem In Germany

Iso Grifo Coys

by Mike - Yesterday I received an email, shown below, from Chris Routledge of Coys addressing the problem with the Iso Grifo at their auction recently in Essen, Germany. This message has been published in the Comment section as well by Nik … [Read more...]

More On The Coys Iso Grifo Fiasco

Iso Grifo Engine

by Mike - My confidential sources have sent in more information on the Iso Grifo recently sold by Coys in Essen, Germany. Shortly afterwards the Grifo was seized by the German authorities. Remember that Douglas Jamieson of Coys said before … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo Sold By Coys Has Been Seized By The German Authorities

Iso Grifo Coys

by Mike - According to my sources in Germany the Iso Grifo No. 001 – “A Very Important And Rare Car” sold by Coys a few days ago in Essen, Germany has been seized by the German authorities. Below is the text of an email sent to the German Coys … [Read more...]

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