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December 12, 2014

Economic Theory – Understanding The Collector Car Market

Lancia Aurelia Spider

by Mike - I was reading an article in the New York Times today titled Conspicuous Consumption? Yes, but It’s Not Crazy by Robert H. Frank, economics professor at Cornell University. The article basically said that rich people buy more … [Read more...]

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 (Daytona), Maserati Ghibli or Iso Grifo – Which One Is Best For You?

Ferrari, Iso Grifo, Maserati Ghibli

by Mike - A two seat, comfortable grand touring sports car with a long hood covering a powerful engine that will take two occupants wherever they want to go very quickly in style. This describes the Maserati Ghibli with the Maserati V8 engine … [Read more...]

The Lamborghini Miura vs The Ferrari 275 GTB/4

Ferrari 275 GTB/4

by Raffi Minasian Car collecting takes up a lot of space. But sometimes, just one car is enough to frame your passion. Two of my favorites (either of which I would be delighted to singularly own) are the Lamborghini Miura and the Ferrari 275 … [Read more...]

14 Reasons Why A Collector Car Is Desirable

Lamborghini Miura Roadster

by Mike - We all have different reasons why we like certain car makes and models. We like some cars in a way that we want to own one and we like other cars in a way where we admire the art, the engineering, the shape or maybe the color but have … [Read more...]

Coming Attractions – Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Iso Rivolta GT

by Mike - Rare cars are well, rare. There are very few running Iso Rivolta GTs for sale now in the world and none as far as I know in North America - until this one, which will be for sale soon on My Car Quest - so stay tuned. The Iso … [Read more...]

Is The Car Collecting Culture Becoming More Like The Art Collecting Business?

Ferrari Testa Rossa

by Mike - This Post is part of our continuing discussion of the collector car market. The collector car auction market has grown very fast in recent years to become a billion dollar per year global market. This fast growth creates … [Read more...]

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