My Car Quest

August 21, 2014

Hood Scoops – Car Art With A Purpose

Alfa Romeo

by Mike - A hood scoop allows air to flow into the engine compartment either to help cool the engine or to deliver cooler air to the engine air intake which can improve performance because cooler air is denser than warmer air. And engines like … [Read more...]

The Color Orange – Update

Porsche 911

by Mike - While walking around a car show recently I noticed that there were several orange cars. Some of them looked like they were the same shade of orange -  like maybe the local paint salesman sold several people the same color. I … [Read more...]

Beautiful Women In Car Advertisements

Lancia Stratos Zero

by Mike - Advertisers have used beautiful women to sell just about everything since the beginning of advertising, well actually since before advertising. This is true even if the buyer is a women but it works especially well when the buyer is a … [Read more...]

American Cars That I Like

Shelby GT350 Mustang

by Mike - Regular readers of My Car Quest may think that I do not care for American cars - but I do like some American cars. This truck below is similar to the pick up that I drove in high school, a 1940 GMC. When I blew up the engine I had to … [Read more...]

Chevrolet Camaro – The 2011 Model

Chevrolet Camaro

by Mike - I like the styling of the 2011 Camaro, a pleasant surprise because I thought the previous version looked like a cartoon character. These pictures are from the Silicon Valley International Auto Show in San Jose, California taken on … [Read more...]

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