My Car Quest

May 24, 2017

The Nature Of Classic Car Beauty And Style

by Mike - There are some classic cars that have universal, or near universal, appeal. We all love the Lamborghini Miura, the Mercedes 300SL, the Ferrari 275 GTB, the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and the Iso Grifo. But what about models that have … [Read more...]

Are The Chinese Coming?

by Wallace Wyss Don't get worried, I'm not talking about the Chinese army, I'm talking about Chinese collectors. I didn't realize that they could be a force in the car collector market until I read the recent very lavish book called Porsche … [Read more...]

A Little Help Please

by Mike - Darren is looking for a pair of Pirelli P4000 215/70ZR-15 Super Touring Tires for his Iso Grifo - like the one below. If you can help then please contact Darren - email: I have readers who have … [Read more...]

Now That Original Is More Valuable Than A Perfect Restoration There Are A Few Questions That Come To Mind

by Mike - The trend toward original cars being worth more than restored cars has been creeping up on us for a while - at least in the US. I think collector car enthusiasts in Europe have long valued originality more than US collectors. I wrote … [Read more...]

Who Was George Tilp? – A Big Phil Hill Supporter – Part Two

by Mike - Geoffrey Horton told me that his uncle, George Tilp, would bring his old race cars to his farm in New Jersey and let family members drive them around the farm. Below is a photo of 12 year old Geoffrey Horton doing just that in 1960. … [Read more...]

Classic Cars Seen On The Street In Carmel And Monterey Last Week

by Mike There were many fantastic classic cars at the various car shows, auctions and the race track last week during Monterey Car Week. There were also some terrific classic cars on the streets as well. Many people drive their special cars … [Read more...]

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