My Car Quest

March 26, 2017

Economic Theory – Understanding The Collector Car Market

by Mike - I was reading an article in the New York Times today titled Conspicuous Consumption? Yes, but It’s Not Crazy by Robert H. Frank, economics professor at Cornell University. The article basically said that rich people buy more … [Read more...]

Is The Car Collecting Culture Becoming More Like The Art Collecting Business?

by Mike - This Post is part of our continuing discussion of the collector car market. The collector car auction market has grown very fast in recent years to become a billion dollar per year global market. This fast growth creates … [Read more...]

Tesla vs The New York Times

by Mike - I am a big fan of the potential of the electric car but I am not a fan of the way that Tesla handles publicity, especially when they disagree with someone in the media: * Remember the lawsuit with the BBC's Top Gear? * Remember … [Read more...]

Stan Musial – A Life Well Lived

by Mike - Stan Musial died one week ago at the age of 92 and is being buried today in his beloved St. Louis, Missouri. He is a revered figure in St. Louis and in the whole world of baseball. Even more important than his great talent on … [Read more...]

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