My Car Quest

September 20, 2019

Various Interesting Stuff: Tesla, Fisker and Ford

by Mike -  Tesla Tesla is making the news again and not for a good reason, again. Jalopnik reports that Tesla has both a technical problem and a customer relations problem caused by their battery design and maybe short sighted … [Read more...]

Fisker Wins BBC Top Gear Award

by Mike - The Fisker Karma has been named the "Luxury Car of the Year" by the BBC Top Gear magazine and James May, of Top Gear, names the Fisker Karma as his "Car of the Year". No word as to what Jeremey Clarkson thinks yet. Fisker's main … [Read more...]

Tesla Suffers A Setback In Lawsuit Against Top Gear

by Mike -  On October 19 a British court ruled against Tesla in their legal action against the TV show Top Gear. Tesla has been claiming that Top Gear committed "libel and malicious falsehood" during a 2008 TV episode where the Top Gear TV crew … [Read more...]

The Tesla and Top Gear Silliness Continues

by Mike - Tesla responds to BBC's Top Gear response to the Tesla lawsuit here. Confused? Me too, but in my opinion two companies should not be discussing their legal battle in a public forum. Who is giving legal advice to Tesla and BBC? This is … [Read more...]

The BBCs Top Gear Executive Producer Blogs About The Tesla Lawsuit

by Mike -  As previously reported Tesla served the BBC's Top Gear with a lawsuit recently for libel and malicious falsehood about an episode of Top Gear in 2008 where the test results for the Tesla Roadster did not please the Tesla … [Read more...]

Tesla Takes Legal Action Against Top Gear

by Mike -  Tesla served the BBC's Top Gear with a lawsuit yesterday for libel and malicious falsehood. Tesla claims “it is the only recourse we have; our repeated attempts to contact the BBC, over the course of months, were ignored.” This … [Read more...]