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June 7, 2023

Ford GT40s For Sale – In 1971

by Mike –

More than one GT40 for sale in the same magazine! Even in 1971 a used Ford GT 40 was $15,000, however, it still would have been a great investment.

Ford GT40

Ford GT40

These classified ads are from the April 1971 issue of Road & Track.

The advertisements below are from the same magazine. Remember the Pinto? I have not seen one for many years.

Ford Pinto

Chevrolet Vega

I had forgotten that the Vega was the Car of the Year. Again, I have not seen one for many years.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The GT40s always get a lot of attention as well as being a target for replicars (I recall the FiberFab Avenger among many) but your listing of a Mk IV is unusual. I haven't seen any in vintage racing nor any special focus on the Mk IVs since then. I wonder how many survived? Where are they?

  2. Mike Gulett says

    According to Wikipedia only 6 Mk IVs were made. It would be great to see one racing again.

    Now that you mention Fiberfab, I plan to write about kit cars in the future.

  3. Mike Gulett says

    Also, notice that the seller is the same for both GT40 ads.

  4. Edward Jones says

    The attached picture is an original GT40 in a slalom race driven by Harry Hienl whom lived about 4 blocks from my parents in Miami Lakes, FL. I took this picture sometime in the early 70’s. I wish I had bout one back then for $15K. He had the one with the bubble on top for I believe Dan Gurney. His wife would drive it on Sunday mornings to the grocery store. If I was outside I could hear it start up.

  5. wallace wyss says

    I grew up in Berkley, MI a suburb of Detroit.One of my neighbors was a Ford engineer. He bought two GT40s from Ford but having a one car garage couldn’t store them very well. i believe he sold them and later got a more practical Pantera. Let’s see, on 2022 prices, what’s a genuine GT40 worth compared to a Pantera….

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