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September 25, 2021

The Tesla and Top Gear Silliness Continues

by Mike –

Tesla responds to BBC’s Top Gear response to the Tesla lawsuit here. Confused? Me too, but in my opinion two companies should not be discussing their legal battle in a public forum. Who is giving legal advice to Tesla and BBC? This is just Goofy.

Tesla and Top Gear Goofy

I repeat my advice to Tesla: instead of a lawsuit arrange for Top Gear to do another test on the latest Tesla Roadster. Now that the lawsuit has been filed then start negotiating a settlement where the outcome is this re-test of the Tesla Roadster to be broadcast on Top Gear. I predict a very high probability that Jeremy Clarkson will be in a good mood for this episode.

Tesla should realize that Top Gear is primarily an entertainment show and sometimes they test new cars.

BBC should realize that it is generally not a good idea to discuss a pending lawsuit in a public forum, this advice also applies to Tesla. Do both Tesla and the BBC believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity? Both are behaving as if they do believe this old wives tale, perpetuated by publicity firms and maybe some lawyers too.

The Top Gear video review of the Tesla Roadster in question was below but was removed by BBC. See how the publicity continues? All because Tesla filed a lawsuit.

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