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July 10, 2020

Coincidence (Beauty and Style)

by Mike –

In my recent article, Beauty and Style, the picture of this beautiful Ferrari 250 GT Bertone is a real eye catcher.

Ferrari Bertone

Ferrari 250 GT Bertone

It is easy to spot the styling cues of Giorgetto Giugiaro. The hood scoop, for example, is similar to that on the Iso Rivolta GT. This 1962 Ferrari is a one off Bertone design styled by Giugiaro in 1961.

The picture below shows a very young, and tall, Giugiaro standing next to the wooden buck of this Ferrari 250 GT.

Ferrari Bertone Body Buck

Ferrari 250 GT Bertone Body Buck and Giugiaro

I found this picture in Iso Rivolta The Men, The Machines by Winston Goodfellow while I was reading about a completely different subject several days after the article Beauty and Style was published.

I love a good coincidence.

Iso Rivolta GT Hood Scoop

Iso Rivolta GT Hood Scoop

Ferrari 250 GT Bertone Hood Scoop

Ferrari 250 GT Bertone Hood Scoop

Notice other similarities in addition to the scoop: the pointy nose, the single headlight with an “eye lid” and the park lights on top of the bumper.

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