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November 19, 2019

Classic Cars At The Millenáris Velodrom in Budapest, Hungary

by Mike –

My Car Quest reader Gábor Vida has sent in some classic car photos from an event where he lives in Hungary. Gábor was the winner of the My Car Quest Best Car Photo Contest recently.

Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France

Gábor writes,

The event was a classic car, motorcycle and bicycle meeting in Budapest, Hungary. The Millenáris Velodrom is an oval track that is more than 100 years old used for bicycle races, near the heart of the city.

Fairthorpe Electron Minor

Austin Healey 3000 MK3

Marcos 1800 GT

All the bikes, bicycles, and the cars not heavier than 1000 kgs  (2200 lbs) used the track for several laps. They were grouped by age, and categories, e.g., motorcycles before WWI, post WWII British roadsters, etc…

Bugatti Type 44

Triumph TR6

It was a very special feeling to hear and smell these old cars, not only to watch them. It was a little, Hungarian Goodwood Revival – the visitors who dressed for the cars had cheeper entry fees.

Jaguar XK140

The green Iso Rivolta arrived late in the afternoon, and it didn’t run around, I think it was too late, and the car is too heavy.

Iso Rivolta GT

Here are more photos, from Gábor, vintage bikes, and photos by László Katona.

Gábor Vida is an artist, so you may see some of these photos show up as drawings on his web site.

Hungary looks like a great place for car and motorcycle lovers. And I have never seen a Fairthorpe Electron Minor before, nor have I heard of this car.

Please share your comments with me and other readers.

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  1. Thank you Mike! And I agree, Hungary is great place for petrolheads 🙂
    The Velodrom was last weekend, the Oldtimer & Youngtimer Festival is happening right now:

  2. Gabor – thanks for the update – I love that green Iso Rivolta GT.

  3. Carson Ahlstrom says

    Fantastic. I heard that Hungary has a collection of cars from the former Soviet Union. I wanna see those since they are very rare in the Western world.

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