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September 27, 2021

A Lola T70 Spyder Owned By Brian Johnson The Lead Singer of AC/DC

by Mike –

My friend Martyn Schorr  wrote to me about the Shelby Cobra Daytona For Sale article recently. I will let him tell his interesting story.

Text and photos by Martyn Schorr – 

I found the Cobra advertisement interesting as the car was being sold by Russkit. Russkit was a manufacturer of slot racing cars and over the years sponsored/campaigned serious race cars. They often made scale model racecars of some of those cars.

The Lola T70 Spyder currently owned and raced by my friend, Brian Johnson (lead singer of AC/DC), was originally owned and raced by Russkit and the Russkit livery is on the side of the Lola. Brian has an original slot racing Russkit Lola.

He was at Laguna Seca during Monterey Madness this year.

Lola T70 Spyder

Brian Johnson in his Lola T70 Spyder in Monterey

Below are more photos of Brian with the car and a little more background information.

Lola T70 Spyder

Brian Johnson in his Lola at The Quail - 2011

Lola T70 Spyder

Brian Johnson and Stuart Schorr, VP of Jaguar, enjoying the day

When Russkit sponsored this car the driver was Ronnie Bucknum and the car was officially known as the 1966 Haskell Wexler Lola. It was originally built with a Ford Cobra small-block with Webers. Today it has a larger displacement, higher horsepower small-block Cobra with Webers.

The model was part of Russkit’s Black Widow model lineup and the Lola model was the first four-wheel-drive slot car in the U.S. Brian’s Lola has been faithfully restored with original colors and livery. Brian is a member of the Sarasota Cafe Racers.

Some Lola experts have indicated that this T70 Spyder was used as a camera car for Paul Newman’s movie, WINNING and that Newman actually drove it. It was also in a UK movie titled DAY OF THE CHAMPION. At one point in its career, it was powered by a Traco-Chevy small block and raced in Canada. It is maintained and race-prepped by Predator Performance Racing, Largo, FL.


Martyn Schorr wrote the book on Baldwin-Motion, Motion Performance: Tales of a Muscle Car Builder (Motorbooks). He is the editor of Car Guy Chronicles and is the Chief Communications Officer of Sarasota Cafe Racers.

My thanks to Martyn for sharing this story. It is a more interesting world when we share information. Plus Rock & Roll goes perfectly with cool cars.

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Lola T70 Spyder

Brian Johnson and his Lola T70 Spider Model

Lola T70 Spyder

Lola-Cobra engine, partially assembled

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