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March 21, 2023

What Is Going On With Iso Grifo Demand?

by Mike – 

The demand for Iso Grifos is outstripping supply. There were only 413 examples made and several have not survived. One recent case is interesting.

The only Baldwin-Motion modified Iso Grifo that was owned by the original owner for 42 years was recently sold and shipped from the US to the UK and is now for sale again after only a few short months. It was bought by a dealer who believes that he can sell it for a good profit after such a short time.

Iso Grifo

1967 Baldwin-Motion Iso Grifo - the only one

The interesting part is that the seller hired a top US dealer to sell his car and it was bought by a UK dealer. Can the Iso Grifo market really support the stacking of two dealer commissions on the retail sale of even such a special example?

I know the exchange rate favors the pound sterling over the US dollar and I also believe that Europe car collectors pay more for cars than US collectors.

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo for sale again

As an active member of the Iso Bizzarrini Owners Club I see many potential buyers for Iso Grifo cars and few sellers. It seems to me that car enthusiasts and collectors are recognizing the value of this special car and the demand, and thus, the prices are increasing.

BON VOYAGE, GRIFO! was written by the original owner of this car in June for My Car Quest.

There are more of these unique cars on their way to some of the big auctions – stay tuned to see what happens to the Iso Grifo market.

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