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November 29, 2022

My First Post For The 12 Most

by Mike – 

I wrote 12 Most Interesting People in The Car World That You May Not Know, published today on The 12 Most, a very popular Internet site.

I am not going to republish this on My Car Quest, so if you want to read it then you will need to go to The 12 Most. It may be interesting to see if you can guess the 12 that I picked. Or even if you can guess 8 or 10 of the 12?

This is written for a general audience of readers who are not necessarily car enthusiasts, so the 12 people that I picked are likely common names to the readers of My Car Quest, but they are probably not common names to many of the readers of The 12 Most.

In any event I would appreciate a re-tweet of the The 12 Most post if you like it. Thank you all.

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  1. Will twitter with pleasure, Mike.

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