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September 26, 2022

Three Cool Iso Cars

by Mike –

Bill Harper was the winner of the AutoAnything car cover contest recently. I learned, after he won, that he is the owner of three beautiful Iso cars!

He sent me some photos which I am sharing here.

Iso Grifo, Iso Rivolta

1966 Iso Rivolta and 1967 Iso Grifo

The 1966 Iso Rivolta GT is chassis number 577 with a Corvette 327 cid engine producing 350 hp using a 5-speed transmission. It also has Borrani wire wheels.

On the right is a 1967 Iso Grifo chassis number 152 with a 327 cid Corvette engine producing 350 hp with a 4-speed transmission. The wheels are Campagnolo magnesium.

Iso Lele

1972 Iso Lele

Above is a 1972 Iso Lele chassis number 125 with a 350 cid Chevrolet engine producing 300 hp using a 5-speed transmission. The wheels are Campagnolo magnesium and this Lele has a sunroof!

Below is another picture of the Iso Rivolta GT and the Iso Grifo.

Iso Rivolta GT, Iso Grifo

Looking at these pictures I want to drive all three!

My Iso Grifo is chassis number 157, very close to Bill’s 152. They were probably in the Iso factory together and maybe even on the boat together from Italy to the US.

My Grifo is titled as a 1968 model while Bills is a 1967. My car, however, was built in August 1967. In those days a car in the US would be titled the year it was sold not necessarily the year it was manufactured.

It seems that Bill’s Grifo made it to its first owner a little sooner than my Grifo.

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  1. bruce caron says

    Excellent! Are there any other pictures of Bill’s Iso’s? Maybe you could post them on the website.

    Keep up the good work.

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