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March 23, 2023

Ferrari 250 GTE and 330 GT 2+2 – Are They A Bargain?

by Mike – 

The 250 GTE was Ferrari’s first production four passenger car. They were produced from 1960 to 1963 and nearly 1,000 were made. They were followed by the 330 GT America which looked very similar but only 50 were produced in 1963.

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Ferrari 250 GTE

Ferrari 250 GTE

For the collector who wants an Enzo era V12 Ferrari these can represent a real bargain. However, historically they have not received much respect in Ferrari circles. And they can be expensive to restore and to maintain, after all they still have the Ferrari V12 engine and other expensive Ferrari components.

They have been increasing in value over the past few years as they are being appreciated more and their numbers are dwindling because many have been turned into other more desirable and rare model replicas.

I am not a fan of taking one classic and creating a replica of another classic. I am not opposed to replicas but only if another fine car is not destroyed in the process.

Ferrari 212

Stripped Down Classic Ferrari

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Ferrari 250 GTE

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