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March 23, 2023

Iso Celebrates The 50th Anniversary of Its First GT Car

by Mike –

Renzo Rivolta, the founder of Iso Automobili S.p.a. an Italian automobile manufacturer, was a visionary. After the devastation heaped upon Italy by WWII he saw the need for inexpensive transportation for Italy and all of Europe.

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso began manufacturing scooters, motorcycles, small trucks, the Isetta mini-car (made famous by BMW who licensed the design from Iso) and eventually Grand Touring (GT) cars, which featured Italian styling and American engines.

Iso Grifo, Iso Rivolta

Several Iso cars In Monterey

Renzo Rivolta died at the young age of 58 in 1966 and his 25 year old son, Piero Rivolta, took over the Iso company – the youngest major car company CEO in history.

Piero Rivolta, Iso Fidia

Piero Rivolta*

Unfortunately, Iso went out of business in 1974 due to many factors including the oil crisis of the time. However, the company’s cars live on today in the hearts and minds of car lovers who collect, drive, restore, race and show these great cars at events all over the world.

The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering

At one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world, The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Iso GT on August 17, 2012 in Carmel, California.

If you can make it stop by and see these wonderful cars and meet some of the owners. Or if you own one of these cars I would love to see it in Carmel.

Piero Rivolta will attend as well!

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*Photo of Piero Rivolta courtesy of Martyn L. Schorr.

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