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March 28, 2023

Documentary Carrera Panamericana

by Mike – 

Stephen Mitchell is a lover of cars, especially Ferraris. He once owned a Ferrari 250 GTO. He is also a film maker and a reader of My Car Quest.

His latest film is “Documentary Carrera Panamericana (1950-54)” about the famous Mexican road race.

Carrera Panamericana

Above is the movie poster and below is a very interesting sample of the movie (6:14). Set it to full screen.

The poster and the DVD can be purchased here.

I have written before about Stephen Mitchell’s Ferrari 250 GTO.

His blog is here.


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  1. I believe the early GM Hydra-matic was actually a four speed, not a three speed as mentioned (time 1:44). First gear just got the car moving & went into second very quickly.

    • Here is what Sharon Baker, who appears in the documentary and was a member of Bill Stroppe’s crew, just sent me:

      “Can only confirm for the 1954 event. Earlier years had much broader modifications not covered with restrictions. !954 rules were tightened and followed with detailed tear down post race inspections. The trannies in the 1954 cars were not four speeds, and complied to factory,GM, specs. Vern Houle did all the transmission set up’s for Stroppe at the Long Beach shops. Were he alive today, I’m sure he would chuckle and say, BS !”

    • And again from Sharon Baker:

      Subject: 1954 Lincoln Transmission

      Apologies in order. The Lincolns used in 1954 Carrera were Capri’s and DID have four speed Hydramatic transmissions. My mistake ! Ratios were, first gear 3.82:1, second 2.63:1, third 1.45:1, and fourth 1:00.0.   Damn! My wife just witheld my ice cream until Saturday.

  2. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, Mike. Yours is my go-to blog!

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