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December 6, 2022

1957 Maserati 200SI Race Car

by Mike –

Maserati made some of the most beautiful race cars of the 1950s even though they were not a great success on the race track. The 200SI is one of those beauties.

Maserati made 30 of the 200S and 200SI models between 1955 and 1958.

Maserati 200SI

Maserati 200SI

The alloy engine is a 2-liter in line 4-cylinder with dual overhead camshafts and dual Weber carburetors producing 187 hp.

The beautiful bodies are aluminum made by either Celestino Fiandri or by Medardo Fantuzzi.

Maserati 250SI

Maserati 250SI

The 200S won the 1955 San Marino Grand Prix and the 1955 Targa Florio.

The Maserati 200SI, Sport Internazionale, designation was used in 1957 to indicate conformance to international sports car racing rules. In 1958 the engine capacity was increased to 2.5 litres and the car was re-named the 250S.

The Maserati 300S with a 3-liter engine was also produced between 1955 and 1958.

I have written about the Maserati Tipo 151 which came a few years later.

The great John Fitch raced one of these extensively.

Maserati 200S

Maserati 200S

Maserati 200S

Maserati 200S

The first photo is by Brett Weinstein taken at the Scarsdale Concours in 2006, the second photo is by asopuma, the third photo is from Martin Chisholm Collector Cars and the fourth photo is from


  1. I had the great joy,& honnor to participate ,on a major frame up, restauration of these 2 Maserati..2000SI that participated to the Tour de France historique , year 1999, & 3000S as well, in Nice France for the AG racing Co.

    1996, while preparing the A G Zagato, for that year Tour de France,I noticed a common relation between Alfa Romeo, 1900SS engine, & the Maserati, both cars used the same type of valves systems, clearence could be adjusted by screwing & unscrewing the valve securing plates, that had each a set of matching notches, one click was equal to 0.01″, I had save theAlfa factory Tool, since 1967, when I worked on the Alfa, I used the very same tool!!
    the 10mm large valve steams where hallo, & traded of a very fine pitch trade!!

  2. RobertWalters says

    When Maserati 250S,#2431was owned by Bobby Alyward,I crewed extensively for Bobby Aylward of Wichita. I was responsible for:the in headrest roll bar-chrome exhaust-padded headrest-headlight covers and the passage of the seat belt thru the sides of the seat as it was too loose for Bobby. We raced at Stutgart Ark-Galveston-Coffeyvile Kansa-Oaklahoma City Eagle Mountain Texas etc. Bobby was a gentleman and a very competent and skilled driver.Regards,Robert Walters

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