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August 8, 2022

My Car Quest Update – May 2012

by Mike – 

My Car Quest is now 1.5 years old and has become one of the most popular independent classic car weblogs in the world. By independent I mean it is just me, there is no team of writers, editors, or a company behind My Car Quest.

Iso Grifo and Mike Gulett

Iso Grifo and Mike Gulett

There are times that I wish I had an editor but I do not, except for some of you who send me emails when there is a typo. I then rush to the computer and fix it. You know who you are, thank you.

There are several thousand My Car Quest visitors per month from all over the world. My thanks to all of you for continuing to visit My Car Quest.

Here are some of the changes that have been made recently to the Menu Bar on the Home Page:

1) A second Menu Bar has been added in green.

2) A Classic Cars For Sale section has been added. You can browse for fun or you can list your car for sale for a modest fee. Other items can be listed for sale for free.

3) A Classified Ads section has been added with a For Sale section and a Wanted section. It is all free.

4) An Archives section has been added. This will help you find previous postings that may be interesting.

5) A Car News section has been added with a feed from Marketwire.

6) A Log In tab has been added (thanks to Bruce Caron for this idea).

7) There are links to my books to make it even easier to buy one, either a real book (paper) or an ebook (photons and electrons).

The slide show on the Home Page has been removed.

For those of you who use the Apple iPad or iPhone if you save My Car Quest to your desktop on the iPad or iPhone it will appear as an icon that looks a lot like the My Car Quest logo. This is really cool, it looks like an app! Tap it and voila you will arrive at the My Car Quest Home Page. Try it.

How You Can Help Me

1) Subscribe by email if you don’t already.

2) Send My Car Quest to all of your car enthusiasts friends and ask them to subscribe – you may be doing them a favor, or if not, I am sure they will forgive you.

3) Send in pictures and stories of what you are doing in the classic car world (only if you want the pictures and stories posted on My Car Quest). I love reader stories and have published many.

4) Send me any suggestions you have for improving My Car Quest. I may not agree with you but I still want to hear your ideas.

5) Buy my books – there is another one on the way – watch this space. This helps support My Car Quest.

My special thanks to those of you who have sent in stories and photos to share with other My Car Quest readers.

Now as a reward for reading all of this stuff here is a slide show of some of my favorite photos from the past 1.5 years on My Car Quest.

Mike Gulett –

Click on the first picture and flip through the first slide show and then repeat for the second slide show.

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  1. Grifo4me says

    Congrats Mike, you have put together a great blog that is always entertaining for us sports car fans.

  2. Thank you very much.

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