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July 6, 2022

The Contest To Win A DVD Of “Documentary Carrera Panamericana (1950-54)” Ends Tomorrow Night

by Mike –

The contest to win a DVD of the Stephen Mitchell film and signed poster ends at midnight California time on Saturday so get your email in before then. I will not stay up and wait I will trust the time stamp on the emails.

This race has been called the most dangerous car race in history. There were 27 people killed during the five years that this event was held.

This must be a record, or close to a record, and this is one of the reasons why this race was canceled. Watch the movie and learn what other reason may have led to the end of this road race.

Carrera Panamericana

Famous winning drivers include Juan Manuel Fangio, Piero Taruffi and Luigi Chinetti.

I just happen to have a photo of Piero Rivolta and Piero Taruffi below from the 1960s.

Piero Rivolta and Piero Taruffi

Piero Rivolta and Piero Taruffi

This is not at all related to the Carrera Panamericana, it is just interesting.

Read my review of this documentary here and the contest rules here.

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