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March 29, 2023

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

by Mike – 

The Goodguys show that we attended this past Sunday is primarily for American muscle cars, hot rods and custom cars.

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

So, I was surprised to see across the room a beautiful silver Ferrari 250 GTE. I did not understand why a Ferrari was at this event until we got close enough to see the engine bay and noticed that this Ferrari has a Corvette LS2 engine installed.

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

The person taking care of the car told us that the owner bought it with a different Chevy engine and changed it to the LS2. When the current owner bought this GTE the seller told him that he had taken the Ferrari V12 engine to use in a Ferrari GTO. I suspect it was a replica GTO or Testa Rossa. Another classic car bites the dust.

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette

Notice the Ferrari emblem on the Corvette engine – the owner has a sense of humor. This owner did not take this classic Ferrari apart someone else did. This owner has saved a beautiful car and put a worthy engine in it ensuring that this car will be on the road for many years to come.

The LS2 engine is a 6-liter V8 that produces 400hp. Compare this to the 250 GT engine which has 3-liters (250ml x 12 = 3-liters) displacement producing 237 hp. The owner installed a Tremec 6-speed transmission and upgraded the brakes and suspension to take into account the considerably higher power output.

As long as you do not open the hood or listen to the engine you cannot tell that this car is not all Ferrari. Oh, and when you step on the gas you will notice the considerable changes as well.

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  1. bruce caron says

    Anyone know which 6 speed Tremec was installed in this car?

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