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July 5, 2022

Iso Grifo Spider?

by Mike –

This photo was sent to me by Dan Eastwood after he read The Iso Grifo (A3/L) Spider.

Iso Grifo

Dan’s question is:

“A 1970 book titled “Bolide Design” has a b&w photo labeled ISO GRIFO SPYDER, but which looks more like a Targa with a fixed roll bar roofsection and a soft (unzip to remove) rear window. I’d be curious to know if it was converted from a coupe, or was it a special custom build by Bertone for a wealthy customer?”

Does anyone know the answer?

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  1. Grifo4me says

    Built by Pavasi

  2. This message below was sent to me by email by the owner of this Iso Grifo Spider:

    Hi Mike , I am the owner of the Iso Grifo Spider/targa with the zip out back window. The car is converted from an early Coupe to a targa by Pavesi, Milano.

    All of the Iso Targa’s (and DeTomaso spiders and targa’s) are converted by Pavesi. This company is still in business.

    Regards Simon

  3. I believe Simon’s car is #011. Pavesi (Milano) also did many of the sunroof and Targa conversions on Isos.


  4. Mike – Great job getting an answer for my question!

    I’d never heard of Pavesi, so now I wonder if Simon can tell us if Pavesi ever did any work on Intermeccanica Italias… some of which received similar roof modifications. I’ve always assumed that Intermeccanica would have done the work in-house as they had the skills to hand-form the steel bodies.

    I think I’ve read that three Intermeccanica Italias were built as Targas, and I know that at least one Italia convertible had a removable hardtop made for it – I know because I bought it’s stripped and rusted hulk as ‘insurance – to use as a pattern (in case my car ever gets pranged), and the hardtop came with it. There are no serial numbers on it so the only indication I have of it’s year is that it has the later taillights.


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