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August 16, 2022

Martyn L. Schorr Receives A Lifetime Achievement Award

by Mike – 

For those of you who have been My Car Quest readers for at least a year will recognize the name Martyn L. Schorr because he was the original owner of the only Baldwin Motion Iso Grifo for 42 years and sold it just last year. He writes about his parting with this special Iso Grifo in My Car Quest.

Martyn L. Schorr

NEMPA's John Lawlor presents the award to Martyn L. Schorr. Credit: Steve Szydlowski, The Providence Journal

In addition to being an ex-Iso Grifo owner Marty is also the recipient of the 2012 Charlie Dole High Road Award, named for the Christian Science Monitor’s Automotive Editor (1960s-1980s). Marty is also the editor of Car Guy Chronicles.

This is well deserved award. More can be read here.

Three cheers for Marty Schorr!

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