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October 23, 2019

What Is This Blue Car? – Now We Know

by Mike –

The last question in the recently completed My Car Quest Classic Car Survey was “Please identify the make of the blue car at the beginning of this Post.”

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

I must confess that I did not know the answer myself. I was hoping that My Car Quest readers would educate me and I was not disappointed.

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

I thought it was French as did many of you who guessed it was: Talbot Lago, Delahaye, Voisin, Peugeot and Bugatti. There were a few guesses of Alfa Romeo, BMW and some others. There were also a few blanks where no guess was proposed.

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

There were twelve readers who correctly identified this as a Jaguar including many who knew it was a one off 1956 Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe. It is based on a 1956 Jaguar XK140 with a 3.8 liter XKE engine.

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

In other words a custom Jaguar Hot Rod.

Once I knew the name I could search for this car and I found an old for sale advertisement that said the following:

“Conceived and created by John Toom, manager of the model shop at Nissan Design, International in La Jolla California from 1982-2000. John’s talent and contribution to Nissan Design was honored with a tribute sculpture by Nissan Design. John spent over 10 years from the early sketches to the almost finished product, before he passed away in 2001. After Mr. Toom died, a California collector and enthusiast purchased the car and had the project finished to the highest degree.”

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

This car is stunning and you can see the Jaguar head logo on the side skirt in this picture below but there was no other indication of the Jaguar underneath this beautiful body that I could see.

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

This car is a fascinating blend of European chassis design, power and styling combined with the American hot rod and custom car culture so prevalent in Southern California. Even though the body was designed in Southern California it is clearly strongly influenced by European tastes.

This car certainly looks like a pre-war French or Italian model and not a custom design made in the 1990s on a 1956 Jaguar chassis.

Does anyone know why the Chopard logo is printed on the hood?

This Jaguar was at the Rodeo Drive Concours D’Elegance recently.


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