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September 27, 2022

A Return To Bonneville For Team 608

by Mike –

It takes guts to drive at Bonneville especially going after a speed record.

Lakster Bonneville race car

Bob Dauernheim, right, with driver, Don Biglow

The Team 608 crew have the guts and the determination and have demonstrated this for more than ten years.

Next month Team 608 is bringing two cars with a total engine displacement of 841 cubic inches and 1,850 horsepower to Bonneville for an assault on the record books and to raise money for, and awareness of, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


After setting the AA/FL (Fuel) record (290.49 mph) at Bonneville in 2009, Dauernheim’s Lakester was completely redesigned in 2011 to run on gas (AA/GL) and recently updated for Speed Week 2012.

Bob Cuneo, designer and builder of the U.S. Olympic Team’s winning bobsleds, has been consulting with Rob Ida, builder of the Lakester’s body, to improve its aerodynamic qualities.

Lakester Bonneville race car

Lakester Ready to launch!

Tony Feil built the Lakester’s naturally aspirated, dry-sump-lubed 582 cubic-inch Chevrolet big-block style Dart engine.

Last year the Lakester experienced some engine problems yet was able to clock 318 mph. This year the 15- to-1 compression engine has been rebuilt, fitted with larger carburetors and has been dynoed at approximately 1,200 horsepower.

‘32 Ford Highboy

This year, the Dripps & Gibby ‘32 Ford Highboy that can run in E/Street or E/Gas Roadster, will join Team 608’s Lakester at Speed Week.

Hor Rod roadster race car at Bonneville

Rob Gibby, right, Robin Dripps (red hair) & Team

Veteran Bonneville racer Robin Dripps, a T. David FitzGibbon Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia, owns this tube-framed, Brookville steel-bodied Roadster.

hot rod race car at Bonneville

Gibby Belts Robin Dripps In

Bob Dauernheim, team crew chief and owner-builder of the team’s Dauernheim-Biglow-Davis Lakester, is responsible for most of the Roadster’s metal fab work. The co-Drivers are Robin Dripps and Rob Gibby.

Robin Dripps’ Highboy is powered by a naturally aspirated short-stroke 259 cubic-inch, 650 horsepower Chevy small-block topped off with a pair of Quick Fuel 850-cfm carburetors mounted on a custom Hogan intake manifold. This engine was built by Ken Duttweiler.

hot rod race car engine

259 cid Roadster Engine

An air-shifted Jerico five-speed transmission and Speedway Engineering quick-change rear complete the powertrain.

Originally powered by an injected Bowtie Racing V6, the Dripps & Gibby Highboy has set two land speed records. Last year they switched to a V8 and, running in E/Gas, clocked 204.7 mph on the Salt.

About Team 608

“We are self-funded and self-sustaining with 100% of the money we raise going directly to charities. It’s our way of pursuing our passion for hot rods and racing, challenging the record books, and giving something back,” said Team 608 crew chief, Bob Dauernheim. “Our mantra: GO FAST – DO GOOD!”

Team 608, a 100% volunteer, grassroots land speed racing team, is comprised of lifetime hot rodders and drag racers.

Since 2006, Team 608 has raised and donated in excess of $95,000 for charities: Susan G. Komen For The Cure (Breast Cancer), Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Autism Speaks. Next month, they are going back to the Salt to once again support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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hot rod race car at Bonneville

Roadster Front Suspension

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