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December 1, 2022

An Apollo GT Out For A Drive

by Mike –

The owner of this 1963 Apollo GT 3500, Don Bryan, inherited the car from his father. It has been in his family since the 1960s and it is his daily driver.

Apollo GT 3500

1963 Apollo GT 3500

Don also does the maintenance on this special car that is a part of American and Italian car history. This day Don was having problems with the carburetor yet I could still feel the power and the terrific handling around corners on this mountain road.

I have been a fan of the Apollo GT for years and I am now more of a fan after this drive.

I first met Don at a recent Goodguys hot rod and custom car show where I was shocked to see an Apollo GT in attendance.

Apollo GT 3500 and owner

Don Bryan and His Apollo GT 3500

Turn up the sound for the video that I made riding in Don’s Apollo GT up Big Basin Road in Saratoga, California.

Read more about the Apollo GT and Why Wasn’t This Car A Big Success?.

Apollo GT logo

Apollo GT logo

An Apollo GT Out For A Drive
Article Name
An Apollo GT Out For A Drive
Driving an Apollo GT.


  1. Grifo4me says

    That was fun which engine does this one have?

  2. It was a blast.

    This Apollo has the original Buick 215 cid engine.

  3. Kurt Brakhage says

    Hi Don,
    I have a 1964 Apollo as well. I as well have inherited this car from my dad. In his years of ownership, he rebuilt the motor, installed a 5 Speed transmission. Mechanically is very sound. Seems to have everything intact as stock. Not sure about paint, but that’s is the next chapter for this car. I am trying to find out any information I can regarding paint and color. If anyone has any help, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. Don Bryan says

    Hi Kurt,
    That great to hear you inherited your dads Apollo Gran Turismo. =) I was on Italy when you posted this, been crazy busy since so sorry for the delay.
    When you drive the car it will give you an adrenaline rush.
    What number is the car? What color is it now?
    Is it a 3500Gt or a 5000GT?
    Send me an email and we can get the ball rolling to
    A lot of the cars were at maroonish red but many of those have been painted Ferrari red. This one has had 3 colors. Originally red, repainted to black by a prospective buyer buying the car,. By the time it was painted, the 5000GT came out and he bought one of those instead. That’s when my dad got his hands on it.

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