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October 6, 2022

Gordon-Keeble GK1 For Sale

by Mike –

Gordon-Keeble, based in England, was founded by two ex-aircraft engineers, John Gordon and Jim Keeble, who began at Peerless, another British car company.

The GK1 is identical in concept to the Iso Rivolta GT. Only 100 GK1s were produced from 1964 through 1968 because the Gordon-Keeble company ran into financial problems which was, and still is, quite common in the car business.

Gordon-Keeble GK1 for sale

Gordon-Keeble GK1

This 1964 Gordon Keeble GK1 is for sale in France at a price of 45,000 Euros ($55,300).

Gordon-Keeble GK1 for sale

Read more about the Gordon-Keeble GK1.

Gordon-Keeble GK1 for sale

The dealer is Mahul Classics.

Thanks to John for sending this in.


  1. Andreas Hiebsch says

    I’m interested in this car … thank Andreas Hiebsch

  2. Francis De Prins says

    je voudrais acheter ce tyoe de voiture

    I would buy this type of car

    • Francis De Prins says

      pouvez-vous me mettre en rapport avec le vendeur

      can you put me in with the seller

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