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August 10, 2020

Iso And Bizzarrini Cars For Sale

by Mike –

These two Iso Rivolta GTs are for sale, one is a 1970 Iso Rivolta GT listed on eBay.

Iso Rivolta GT for sale

The bid is at $36,609 and the reserve has not been met.

The other is a 1968 Iso Rivolta GT for sale in Italy.

Iso Rivolta GT for sale

The price of this one is 22,000 euro ($27,000).

Both of these cars appear to be in rough condition and needing either a full restoration or a significant amount of work.

This Iso Fidia is located in Germany with a price of 39,900 Euros ($47,900).

Iso Fidia for sale

There is not much information available, the seller did not even mention the model year. I always wonder why a seller does not post good quality photos.

This 1969 Bizzarrini Europa is for sale on eBay.

There are several photos of this Bizzarrini Europa.

The strange part is that the eBay listing says the car is in Los Angeles but the seller is in France. The bidding is at $28,900 with the reserve met. There is the possibility for someone to get a great deal or something?

Bizzarrini Europa for sale

Read more about the Bizzarrini GT 1900 Europa, the Iso Fidia, and the Iso Rivolta GT.

My thanks to John and Mike C. For sending these links to me.

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  1. surely that 1900 gt is a scam?
    Seems to good to be true. He says its in L.A. but he isd registered in france.

  2. ii emailed him and asked where the car is located, and if i could take a look- this is his response.

    I have offer over 100 000 $ already then if you have real interest for a very rare Bizzarrini, call me
    Hello, I m in holidays, please call me xxxxxxx

    So he is apparently in france.
    seems a bit suspect to me…..

  3. Bidding on the Bizzarrini is now at $110,100.

  4. The Bizzarrini Europa is also for sale on Anamera by Claus in Sweden.

  5. Yes, i bought the ebay rivolta! i couldn’t help myself!


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