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September 22, 2021

This Ad For A Jensen Interceptor For Sale Is Annoying

by Mike –

Writing an on line advertisement can be difficult and one suggestion that I have is do not insult the reader. A reader could very well become a buyer but not if they click away because they feel slighted.

Jensen Interceptor for sale

This eBay ad for a Jensen Interceptor for sale starts off with this statement –

Please – only serious bidders

What does that mean? It is an auction and anyone who bids is helping the seller because they move the price along and any bidder is a good bidder and a potential buyer in an auction.

It’s not the same as a tire kicker at a used car lot where they can waste the salesman’s time asking questions and test driving the car when they have no intention of buying. Every bidder in an auction is good for the seller.

Another statement in this ad is –

This will sell for the right price

Again, what does this mean? For a buyer it means the lowest possible price and for the seller it means the highest price ever paid for a Jensen Interceptor.

Either way it is a meaningless statement. This seller would have been better off describing this car in more detail and publishing higher quality pictures rather that wasting time and space on statements that have no meaning and could turn off a possible buyer.

“This will sell for the right price” could scare away a serious buyer because of the impression that the seller has a very high price in mind when it is likely that the sellers minimum price and the buyers maximum price do intersect.

Jensen Interceptor for sale

Sellers should keep all potential buyers involved in the auction process until the car is sold. There are many cars sold to buyers who pay more than they had intended to pay at the beginning of the sales process. If it is the right car it can be good for both parties.

OK, now on to the car even though the pictures are not very good this appears like it could be a good car assuming that it stands up to the scrutiny of an expert inspection and a history investigation.

The eBay listing for this Jensen Interceptor for sale has ended.

My Thanks to Daniel S. for sending this listing to me.

Jensen Interceptor logo


  1. Very interesting. The same car can be found here which I came across in my quest to determine what the value would otherwise be, because $35 grand felt quite reasonable, but I’m no expert. Where would one find a good classic car valuation site where quotations depend on real transactions rather than on adds many of which aren’t necessarily realistic?

    • Mark,

      $35,000 is the starting price not the asking price. There is a reserve which is not disclosed.

      I suggest the Hagerty Price Guide (formerly The Cars That Matter Price Guide) or The Sports Car Market Price Guide.

      I notice the ad that you sent in was better written with more information. This seller should have copied this same text onto his eBay ad.

      My upcoming book, “Twenty-Five Affordable Classic Cars” will include the Jensen Interceptor with information for each car like this below:

      “The Sports Car Market Price Guide lists a 1974-76 Jensen Interceptor III DHC (convertible) condition 1 car at $23,000 in the 2006 issue and $55,000 in the Winter/Spring 2012 issue….”

      This new book will be available in about 3-4 weeks.

  2. Cheers Mike, I’m looking forward to reading it. Way I see it these are unique cars which won’t stay low for long. Problem is once you find one if your lucky, you still got to insure it, house it, take care of it etc. A lot of work. Let me know when your book is out ;-). Well supposedly you might just be able to get this particular Jensen for just over the reserve price given the lack of bids on there…

  3. Mark,

    If this car is as good as it seems (after inspections and history investigation) then $35K would be a great deal.

  4. Got it Mike. Yes whatever bid is in there, Reserve Price Not Met makes it useless until the Reserve price is met. It’ll probably just as high as the one from So yes $35k or $40k would indeed be an amazing deal…

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