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December 9, 2022

My New eBook Is Available Now

by Mike –

My new eBook, “Classic Cars Can Change Your Life”, is now available for download for only $0.99 from Amazon (for the Kindle) or from the publisher Smashwords in all eBook formats including PDF for reading on your computer.

Mike Gulett and Bizzarrini GT 5300

This book is intended to guide the enthusiasts who may be new to the classic car world or has not yet bought that special classic car. It also can help a young person develop an interest in classic cars.

Excerpts from the book

A passion for classic cars

Although they certainly can be fun to drive, classic cars are not acquired for the purpose of transportation. Then why might you want to get involved with classic cars? Everyone’s answer may be different, but over the years, I’ve found that developing a passion for classic cars can enrich one’s life in many ways. Classic cars can provide structure and purpose for a life well lived.

Young people should get involved with classic cars

Young people would be well served to get involved with classic cars, especially if they can participate with a parent or other adult role model. Developing a passion for classic cars can help lead a young person to a healthy, productive, positive, and happy life.

The car as art

The car is more complex than a static piece of art because it must function — go fast, corner sharply, and brake in a short distance. It must also be beautiful to look at, both at a standstill and in motion. In short, classic cars represent a great achievement of technology, design, and human endeavor. Classic cars can contribute to our enjoyment of life and provide a purpose in life.


Chapter 1: Classic Cars Are Not Just a Hobby
Chapter 2: Understanding Price and Value
Chapter 3: Is a Classic Car a Good Investment?
Chapter 4: Car Collector Clichés and Contradictions
Chapter 5: Searching for Your Collector Car

This eBook can be downloaded from the publisher Smashwords in all eBook formats. For reading on the PC, or printing at home, use the PDF format, for the Apple iPad, Nook, or Sony use the Epub format, and for the Amazon Kindle use the Kindle format.

Jaguar XKE

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Classic Cars Can Change Your Life by Mike Gulett

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