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August 18, 2022

Results Of The Poll On Iso Grifo No. 009

by Mike –

In the Iso Grifo No. 009 Restoration Update Posted on Sunday the survey results are in.

The question was “Will Iso Grifo No. 009 be ready for The Quail in Monterey on August 17, 2012?”

The reader response is:

* 54% Yes

* 18% No

* 27% Maybe

A strong vote of confidence for Charley Potts and his restoration team. Now I am wondering what would have been the result if there had not been a Maybe option.

Iso Grifo 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009


  1. bruce caron says

    Is the red grifo an Iso color? If not what is it? It’s great. What color is the interior?

    • It is a one off Ferrari color called Rosso Fuco used on a Ferrari prototype/concept car.

      The interior will be a Ferrari tan.

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