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November 29, 2022

The My Car Quest Classic Car Survey Results Are In!

The Jaguar Aerodyne is for sale at this link.

by Mike –

On June 23 I published the first My Car Quest Classic Car Survey. The questions, the answers and a discussion are below. Let us know what you think in the Comments.

What is the country of origin of your favorite classic car?

The choices were every country that I could think of that made a car listed in alphabetical order.

Click on the images for a larger view.

My Car Quest Classic Car Survey - Favorite Country

As you can see on the graph above Italy was the overwhelming favorite with 55% of the votes. America was a dismal second with 16%, England a distant third with 14% and Germany was way down on the list with 7%.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Typical Italian Classic Car

This outcome could be effected by the content of My Car Quest. Since most of the articles published here are about Italian cars this could create a self fulfilling prophecy.

Or maybe Italy really did make more interesting classic cars that any other country. I am not saying that, I am just reporting the numbers.

I decided to take a look at the most visited articles published on My Car Quest since November 1, 2011. Out of the most popular 21 articles, that were about specific cars, it looked like this: 11 (52%) were about Italian cars, 4 (19%) were about American cars, 4 (19%) were about British cars and 2 (9.5%) were about German cars. These numbers line up with the percentages on the graph reasonably well.

Porsche 904

Typical German Classic Car

Shelby Cobra 427

Typical American Classic Car

However, one surprising fact was that the two most popular articles, by far, were about British cars: Aston Martin Extremes And The New DBS Ultimate and A Jensen Interceptor For Sale in Southern California.

Aston Martin with beautiful models

Aston Martin Rapide

The two British car articles had 3.3 times the combined number of readers as the top two Italian car articles!

I may need another survey to understand this fact.

Do you think that investing in classic cars for profit as the main objective is a good idea?

Yes – 16%

No – 83%

This is a strong statement that the readers of My Car Quest buy their cars mostly for the appreciation of the art of the car and the enjoyment of ownership. But the answer to the next question is interesting.

Have you made money investing in classic cars?

Yes – 50%

No – 50%

Wow – even though most readers think that one should not buy a car with profit as the main objective – half have been able to make money. This tells me that My Car Quest readers are smarter than the average bear. Good for you! Now, please share your methods with me.

How did you find the last classic car that you bought?

The graph below shows the results. Family or Friend, Word of Mouth and Other combined for 47%. This means that Internet sites and especially eBay are not as significant as I thought. I now need another survey to ask what is in the Other category.

My Car Quest Classic Car Survey Results

Please identify the make of the blue car at the beginning of this Post. Leave blank if you do not know or do not want to guess.

We now know that this beautiful blue car is a 1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe custom hot rod.

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

1956 Jaguar Aerodyne Streamliner Coupe

My thanks to all of you who participated in this survey. Let us know what you think in the Comments.


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