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March 23, 2023

You Don’t See This Every Day – An Aston Martin Shooting Brake


by Mike –

If you need to know more about a shooting brake you may want to read Station Wagons, Estate Cars and Shooting Brakes.

Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake once owned by Innes Ireland

This 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Shooting Brake is for sale. This car was originally owned by Innes Ireland the Formula 1 driver and the President of the British Racing Driver’s Club when he died in 1993.

The seller says this: “Aston Martin DB6 Vantage, chassis number DB63310R was bought new by Innes Ireland in 1967. In 1969 Ireland took the car to coachbuilders FLM Panelcraft to be converted into one of 2 shooting-brakes they produced on the DB6 chassis.

Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake once owned by Innes Ireland

Today, this historically important motor car, which has not been seen in public since 1995 is finished in the most desirable colour combination of metallic Gunmetal Grey with Burgundy Hide upholstery. It has been subject to a complete ground up and fully documented restoration by Aston Martin Works Service. This magnificent vehicle has been virtually unused since the completion of the works and is offered with the benefit of the complete file of original restoration receipts from Aston Martin.”

Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake once owned by Innes Ireland

If I wanted a station wagon, I mean shooting brake, this would be the one!

The dealer is DD Classics. My thanks to Nathan for sending this to me.

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  1. autotraveler says

    Mike, it’s funny how we both seem to be interested in the same types of “left field” cars. I started writing a story about this same car some months back when it was offered by a different dealer, Hexigon Classics in the UK. You can Google Hexigon Classics DB6 Innes Ireland come up with some items but they seem to dead end.

    At the time I downloaded some high-res photos of this car along with a wealth of material about FLM. Here’s an article I found on the web about the car earlier, dated 1/6/2012, which in I believe is actually June 1, 2012.

    That being said, this is a cool car, different B-, C-, and D-pillar treatments than the better known Radford shooting brakes.

  2. Absolutely a lovely car!

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