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October 6, 2022

You Have To See This – An Iso Grifo On A Rotisserie

by Mike –

Mark Fleege sent me many pictures of the restoration of his 1966 Iso Grifo chassis no. GL640067. I am planning to write more about this car later but the shots of the rotisserie are very cool.

1966 Iso Grifo chassis No. GL640067

1966 Iso Grifo Chassis No. GL640067

It is great to see these wonderful Grifos being saved by excellent restorations like this one and Grifo No. 009.

Flip through the slide show below quickly. Note the help from the dog.

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  1. bruce caron says

    Great shots! Would it be possible to get some shots of how the rotisserie is connect to the Grifo on both ends? Also some shots of the bottom in general would be cool.

    • David Ince says

      Good evening Bruce,I used to see you on Varido Group back a bit, I will post some photos of the under side ,where everything is attached . The unit is very easy to use,we have made several of these, one is on loan it has a ’38 Chevrolet 2 door sedan, the chassis has been “C-4″ed ,it’s on a smaller Rotisserie. The unit under the Iso is big enough to put a truck( Complete) on I believe. I’ll dig out some early photo’s that show the rigging .
      Thank for your interest,David Ince ,DBA Dirty Dave’s Marine

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