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October 7, 2022

A 1968 Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

by Mike –

If you want a good Iso Rivolta GT you are going to have to pay for it either up front by buying one in excellent condition. Or, you can buy one in shabby condition then spend the money that it takes to make it excellent and very likely pay more in the end.

Iso Rivolta GT for sale

Iso Rivolta GT

The seller of this 1968 Iso Rivolta GT says this: “…The interior is still very original and in perfect condition with very nice patina…The car is driving perfect and had a recent engine and gearbox overhaul. Very nice example of a great drivers car!”

I do not know if this Iso Rivolta GT is as the seller describes but the pictures look good and the aggressive price of 65,000 Euros ($79,600) means that the seller thinks it will hold up to scrutiny.

Iso Rivolta GT

The sellers ad is on Anamera and the car is in Belgium. If you go look at it let me know what you think.

Thanks to John for sending this in.

Iso Rivolta GT

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Iso Rivolta logo


  1. You can ad 10K to any Rivolta that has a sunroof they only made a few with this option.

    • 10K Euros or dollars?

      What do you think about the asking price?

    • Ignorant Dolt says

      The sunroof on this car looks like it’s manually operated which is just fine. A bit concerned about how well the sunroof seals. Presently awaiting a response from the seller in Belgium. When I looked at the cars for sale, the GT was not among them. Hope the car is still there or it will be two out of three gone before I could get more information. By far this is the cleanest one I’ve seen recently.

      I too have to wonder about the price. Has there been a sudden increase due to it being near the 50th anniversary, the attrition rate taking it’s toll on the inventory or this one is just an over the top car? With the sunroof, AC unit in place and the car looking bone stock…

      • I think the Iso Rivolta GT has been under valued. Many were not taken care of properly so there is attrition plus many cars that need expensive restoration work. Until the market value reaches the cost of restoration these shabby cars will either sit or be bought at “bargain” prices and maybe not restored once the new owner understands what he has. This car is certainly stretching the price upward but if this car is at it appears to be then maybe it is worth it to someone who wants an Iso Rivolta.

        There are not many alternatatives for these cars in really good condition.

        • Ignorant Dolt says

          Mike I could not agree more. I’m in the bargain market but I don’t like driving junkers or what the kids call ‘Hoopty’s’. This particular car looks like it needs little to anything to be a great driver and not that much more to be a presentable show car.

          The one that just sold here in Saint Louis needed much more but sold for under $40,000. Amazingly, the bidding stopped several days before the auction ended. Was there $38 thousand worth of restoration required to bring it up to #704’s quality, I don’t think so but Hagerty pretty much has a #1 car pegged at $50,000 (as of April this year.

          Looking deeper there’s another +$3,500 for wire wheels. +$3,500 for 5-spd. +$2,000 for sunroof. +$4,000 for factory a/c or $13,000 in desirable options on this car. Even then that’s $15,000 less than what’s being asked for #704.

          It’s a great looking car and I hope the dealer reply’s. A $15,000 premium plus the cost of importing in to the USA is a steep climb to make. Even so, I keep my cars for a very long time (i’ve owned a pristine 1972 Fleetwood Eldorado for 24 years) so getting it here and enjoying it is my main goal.

          By the way… Are you the same Mike that had the Burgandy GT in the youtube clips? If so, I need to get my hands on your book!

  2. Don L Harris says

    Hi- got one of these sitting in my back yard. It was a sleeper back in the day- I surprised a lot of American Muscle back in the day- not on the straights, but when the turns came up…

  3. Hello there, interested in an iso rivolta if anyone has one for sale or knows any one, in driving condition send pictures.

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