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May 28, 2023

Cars In The Wild In Carmel/Pebble Beach/Monterey

by Mike –

Monterey Car Week brings out the best in cars and people. The cool cars are not limited to the car shows and auctions.

The Carmel, Monterey and Pebble Beach roads are filled with cars that normally would be in a really cool garage or maybe even in a local car show.

Lancia in a parking lot in Pebble Beach


Lamborghini 350GT

Lamborghini 350GT


Saab and Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

The cars above were in a dirt parking lot next to the Gooding auction tent in Pebble Beach. While during the auction I saw famous Hollywood actors acting just like ordinary car enthusiasts. And I do not mean Jay Leno, he is always like that.

Carrera Panamericana race car

Carrera Panamericana Race Car In Carmel

The Gran Torino at The Mission Ranch Inn in Carmel

Gran Torino at The Mission Ranch Inn in Carmel

I did not read the sign by this car but because this is Clint Eastwood’s place it is natural to assume this was the car used in the movie of the same name.

Ferrari and Mercedes in Carmel

Typical Street Scene in Carmel

Lamborghini Murciélago

Lamborghini Murciélago in Carmel

This Murciélago spent the night outside uncovered.

Iso Grifo in the parking lot

Two Iso Grifos In The Parking Lot

Porsche Turbo and a woody wagon

Porsche Turbo and a Woody Wagon

These two above also sat outside uncovered – especially tough on the woody.

Iso Grifo and Lamborghini Gallardo

Iso Grifo and Lamborghini Gallardo In The Hotel Parking Lot

Above are two fun cars to drive but which one do you think is a better value and gets far more looks?

One day I passed two Ferrari 275 GTBs on Highway 1 heading into Carmel within about 50 yards or each other and another unidentified 1960s Ferrari. Just another day in Monterey during Car Week.

There were many more great cars on the roads but one cannot spend all the time taking pictures sometimes it is important to just soak it all in.


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