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March 23, 2023

Four German Iso Cars In California At The Quail

by Mike –

The casual reader of My Car Quest may think there were no other cars at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering this year except Iso and Bizzarrini.

Iso Lele at The Quail

1973 Iso Lele Owned by Armin Paprzycki

There were many other beautiful cars there, although Iso and Bizzarrini did make up more than 15% of the cars on display.

Iso Rivolta GT at The Quail

1969 Iso Rivolta GT Owned by Holger Handke

Four of those Iso cars came all the way from Germany to participate in the largest gathering of Iso cars ever – and with Piero Rivolta present. What could be better today for an Italian car lover?

Iso Grifo at The Quail

1969 Iso Grifo 7 Liter Owned by Padma & Jurgen M. Wilms

I was very impressed that these owners brought their cars such a long distance and I was also impressed with the quality of all four of these cars. They were among the best on the field of any marque.

Iso Rivolta GT at The Quail

1966 Iso Rivolta GT Owned by Lutz Hegewald

After The Quail with their beautiful Iso cars in California they headed for the open road to parts unknown until they would eventually find their way back to the Port of Los Angeles, I believe, for their cars to make the return journey back to Germany.

Iso Lele at the Quail

Germany was the largest market for Iso cars when new. I think that I heard Piero Rivolta say that 50% or more were shipped to Germany. If this is not correct someone please let me know.

Iso Rivolta GT at The Quail

In any event it was a large number and clearly these Iso enthusiasts take great care of their cars and they drive them.

Iso Grifo at The Quail

Iso Grifo

I thank them for bringing these wonderful Iso examples such a long distance so others could have the pleasure of seeing them. Maybe next time I could get a ride?

Iso Rivolta GT at The Quail

More photos are in the two page slide show below. Some photos by Rebecca Fuller. You can read more about Iso cars here.

Iso Grifo badge

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 Iso Lele badge


  1. Great to see pictures of these beautiful Isos from Germany in new surroundings!
    I noticed that the two Rivoltas both have the very early red/blue nose badge even though they are both late cars, which should therefore have the white Griffon badge. I assume the owners could not resist the very attractive earlier badge…

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