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December 9, 2021

Iso Grifo Restoration No. 009 Update – It Will Make It To Monterey!

by Mike –

I visited Charley Potts at California Classics in Burlingame, California this past Thursday to see and hear an update on the restoration of Iso Grifo No. 009.

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Charley is convinced that the car will be done and ready to be shown at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in about two weeks in Monterey.

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

I agree that this car will be there. It is stunning and will put a smile on the face of all who see it in Monterey.

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

New Bumpers From Harrington Group

Charley wanted to thank Christophe at Harrington Group, who supplied the new bumpers, for doing such a great job delivering the bumpers on time and in perfect new condition.

Charley said using these new bumpers saved a lot of money compared to the cost of restoring the bumpers that were on this Grifo.

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

Charley Potts Has A Lot On His Mind

Iso Grifo No. 009 restoration

You Do Not See This View Often Because The Hood Normally Blocks This View

This has nothing to do with Iso Grifo No. 009 but I could not resist taking pictures of this beautiful alloy body Ferrari 275 GTB that has been painted recently.

Ferrari 275 GTB

This Ferrari 275 GTB Is Sitting Waiting It’s Turn

There are more pictures of Iso Grifo No. 009 in the two page slide show below.

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  1. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it sitting on the green at Quail. Do you think the owner will drive it there ?

  2. I suspect it will arrive in a trailer.

  3. Back in 2000-2003 I used to meet up with M Hart and we would drive down the peninsula together, my black Rivolta following his Red Grifo, what a view! I will send you a picture

  4. To bad we can’t see the final touches being made we need a Car Quest CAM !

  5. Dear Charley and Mike,

    I would like to thank you both from us all at Harrington Group for your kind words.

    Great to see the photos both here and at quail- congratulations on your award too!
    As the owner of 2 ISO cars, i really would love to have been there myself. Just too busy makin’ bumpers though!

    We would love to have a photo of you car in our customer car gallery- please let me know if this is ok!


    Nathan Redfearn

    • Nathan,

      I am sure Charley and Sandro, the owner, would like a picture of no. 009 on your site. Choose the one you like from My Car Quest. Send us a link after it is posted.

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